Monday, May 19, 2008

Episode 16: Indiana Dwarf and the Temple of the Frozen Beta

Its, not two comics, but actually one big one. Couldnt figure out how to get it all on one page. Anyway, read away!

I could not help myself. I simply love Indiana Jones far far too much to not make this comic. I've had a vision in my head of Disgraph running away from trolls outside the gates of ZG just like in Raiders. I had a blast making this one. Luckily, I shoulf be able to top that going to see Indy 4 at midnight. I'm stoked. Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did.

I'll be continuing the orphan story next week, so dont worry. Even if this one is better :)


Wyvernous said...

Hmm, now that it is after release date, I wanted to ask you. How did you feel about the plot of Indy 4? Pretty unexpected, huh?


Disgraph said...

Heh, sorry for the delay in replying. Not quite used to getting questions.

I was down with the plot til the end. I won't spoil it for any readers who havent seen it yet, but I was cursing George Lucas when I left the theater. I suddenly felt like I wasn't in the Indy universe anymore. I don't mind looking for possible alien artifacts and stuff, but they took it a bit too far.

The whole movie just kinda lacked the push the other ones had, in terms of plot. There was always this sense of urgency. This one was just kinda like, who cares if the skull gets back to arkator? I could go on about my issues with the movie, but I'll let it go.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It was alot of fun to watch. Not as good as Raiders or Crusade, but I would put it above Temple of Doom. It was nice to have Indy back :)