Monday, October 29, 2007

Episode 3: Not that there's anything wrong with that

Yay, trilogy status. One more til mini-series!

So I posted this one, mainly cause I wanted to get something up. You'll notice there are a couple issues with its structure. Most notable is that this was done all in game, no photoshopping here folks. Hence why Disgraph's costume is different. Yep, that's me in game. I had a couple screens lying around and while laying in bed at 2 in the morning in a futile effort to sleep, I realized i could put these together into comic form. Structural and continuity problems aside (yes I have a bit of perfectionist in me) it's still a pretty damn hilarious comic imo.

Fyi, I'm swamped with work this week, so if you get another comic, it won't be until the end of the week. Which is a shame though. I have a couple ideas lying around I want to do, but I simply don't have time. Damn.

So this comic also introduces my brother's character, Donkers the Mage. Our collaboration on this was about 50/50. Eventually you'll see how this strip doesn't really fit with his character. But I do like to knock characters down a peg. Donkers will become a full time character down the road, I just have to wait for him to sop crying.

Oh and for people who don't play WoW, the Tiger face over Disgraph is the casting animation for Aspect of the Cheetah, a skill that makes the character run faster, for those quick escapes.

I here there's a devil down in georgia, so I'm off to deal with that. Later.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Epsidoe 2: Talent Idea-Bear Pajamas

Guess I don't really have a whole lot to say here. Really just happy to have an actual series on my hands now. Well, not quite. A little franchise right now. I guess the next comic will make it a trilogy and when I hit four, I'll actually be able to claim it as a full blown series, even if it will be going through the awkward stages of puberty complete with voice crackings and wondering why I like girls suddenly. But I digress. You should probably just start to expect that...

As for the comic itself, this actually was an idea I had for a new hunter talent in Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK). Although I doubt it's worth a whole talent spec to get, I think it would be a neat little spell. Not a game breaker, but just to give hunter's something new to play with. The hat is optional btw. This comic also gave me an opening for an ongoig feature where I come up with other talents and lampoon my own ideas. All in due time. It also gave me two new characters, Comedy Relief Gnome (CRG) and the troll, who I have affectionately named Trollierthanthough.

Well that's it til next comic. Guess I did have a lot to say....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Episode 1: Firefighting

So here it is, the first episode of The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf. Actually, it's based off what I thought I read last night night playing World of Warcraft (from this point all referred to as WoW). Currently, and for those of you who play WoW please forgive me for the explanation, the Hallow's End event, ie Halloween, is going on and the Headless Horseman is burning down the lowbie towns. One of the quests is to put out the fires. So much like my virtual self, I swore I read that I had to throw orphans on the fires. What a great idea for a comic. Yeah, this is what happens late at night after a day of work for me. At least you get to profit off my madness.

Oh and the line the kid is saying as he's thrown in the flames is an actual quote from the Horseman's attack (sans the throwing). I dunno, but that just struck me as a tad morbid on Blizzard's part...and yet it got a chuckle out of me.

Til I get the motivation for the next comic, Disgraph out! Why does just saying that burn me to the soul...