Thursday, November 1, 2007

Episode 4: Shocking Developments

Boy, you people are lucky for my insomnia or you'd have one less comic to read. Once again, I couldn't sleep so I made another comic to pass the time. So the events in today's strip are true to the real life events of my day yesterday. When pulling a plug out of the wall, I felt the wonderful little jolt that let's you know you were a dumbass and just electrocuted yourself. I like to tell people I got electrocuted instead of zapped. Sounds like my life was more in danger than it really was.

Unlike my digital self, I didn't check for superpowers right away. First thing I did involved alot of swearing. Shortly after, the thought occurred to me that I may have new and astounding powers. After all my arm was tingling and my heart felt different. Sadly, no powers. I did all the quick tests I could think of. Saying taglines, flicking my wrist, snapping my fingers, wiggling my nose, even using Norse runes as a medium from which to summon the elemental powers of electricity. But like my digital self, bupkiss/fart noises.

Oh, and this is how Donkers will look the rest of the comic, unless I decide on a costume change. More stuff with him as I come up with plots for him. My work load has freed up a bit, but no guarantees on when you'll get another comic. I can't be tied down baby.

Well, I'm off to see if I'll any better luck with radiation fallout. Later.