Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Episode 17: Orphan Saga Part 4, Finale

Behold, the last comic of the story arc!

Whew. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad to have that story behind me. Don't get me wrong, I loved doing it, but I'm definitely happy to have it done. Now I can get on with other random jokes and nonsense. Of course, my apologies to anyone who may have been following the Orphan Week that closely for the Indy interruption. But I couldn't resist.

As a quick little bonus to save you time, I decided to get all the Orphan Week comics together in order for easy viewing. Enjoy. I'm looking forward to looking back on the arc as a whole and seeing how it turned out. I liked individual comics so I'm hoping the whole arc worked well. Thanks for viewing guys. More absurdity and fun little dwarf moments to come next week. Peace.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Episode 16: Indiana Dwarf and the Temple of the Frozen Beta

Its, not two comics, but actually one big one. Couldnt figure out how to get it all on one page. Anyway, read away!

I could not help myself. I simply love Indiana Jones far far too much to not make this comic. I've had a vision in my head of Disgraph running away from trolls outside the gates of ZG just like in Raiders. I had a blast making this one. Luckily, I shoulf be able to top that going to see Indy 4 at midnight. I'm stoked. Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did.

I'll be continuing the orphan story next week, so dont worry. Even if this one is better :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Episode 15: Orphan Saga Parts 3 & 3.5

As promised, two comics of Wednesday. Score me. I'm a little burnt out at the moment. I underestimated how mind numbing doing two comics on a row can be. Rest of the post coming later.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today's Update In Progress

Ok, So I know I know I promised an update today. But wait, I dont see anything. Sigh, I know. I'm working on the comic right now as a matter of fact. But of course, I put this off to the last minute and something came up so it won't be up when you wake up. I promise it will be up by the end of the day. So I'm not a liar, just a procrastinator.

To make up for it, you'll be getting the equivalent of two comics. The story arc is dragging a bit, so you get two today. Yay. I try. See you later in the day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Episode 14: Orphan Saga Part 2 and Part 1

Hi to everyone visiting from WoW Insider. Due to a linking error, the strips are being displayed out of order. So I went in and posted the first comic in this series here. That way, nothing is out of order. If you didn't see the first one before, now you get two!

Thanks to fellow guildmate Revsix for the heads up. Normally, I wouldn't mind, but since there's an order to this story, want to make sure no one is confused.

One more piece of news. Disgraph T. Dwarf will now be regularly updated on Wed every week from now on, unless I tell you otherwise. Thats right, finally making the commitment to a regular update schedule. Helps that I'm off for school and have the summer to cacth up. Ok then, enough from me. Peace.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Episode 13: Orphan Saga Part 1

Howdy folks. Happy Children's Week! Have you lugged your poor disadvantaged and mentally scarred child across Azeroth yet? You get some cool pets. I got me a rat and a retarded chicken.

So did you see that little blurb at the end? Yeah, I know, To Be Continued scares me too. Actually when I saw on WoWInsider that Children's Week was coming up, I squealed like a little girl who just saw a guy who kind of looked like that kid from High School musical. I came up with this plot during last year's child week and have been dying to do it. It's gonna be at least 3-5 parts so stay tuned to see how it plays out. Plus, orphan abuse is a return to tradition for me.

I'll be swamped with work from school and all, so it'll be a challenge for me to keep up, but stay tuned. I'll do my best. And now, I will sleep as peacefully as a narcoleptic puppy would.