Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So I promised a comic. I had it all ready to go. Script was written, background screens were taken. I booted up the Model Viewer to get my characters and...crash. Tried again. And Crash. And so on and so forth. A quick trip to the internet reveals that yesterday's patch not only screwed up the servers royally, it also broke the WoW Model Viewer. God damn it! Here and I am trying to get back on track and this shit happens.

And it gets a little worse for me. I run on a Mac, so I use an already buggy version of the model viewer because it has not been supported since 2006 when the the pre-TBC patch hit. So, while I'm sure the windows version will be fixed, I am up the creek without a paddle.

Luckily I've been working on alternatives and now am just gonna have to redouble me efforts. Sorry guys, I really wanted to have a comic up today. I'm pissed that things turned out this way, we me having nothing to do with it. Stay tuned for updates on how I'm doing.

The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf will return, I swear it.


Mellissa said...

arg, stupid wow patches! *shakes fist* I can't wait for Disgraph's return. I come check on this comic every week or so. Also, Keep up the awesome work :P

Cru said...

I had the same problem after the 3.0 patch, so I installed another version of the game and patched it to 2.4 so I can work on the comic and still play 3.0 on another installation.

Jimmy. (Yes from work) said...

I'm deeply disappointed in you. You're a failure.

I expect a hand-written, formal apology.