Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Episode 29: In progress

Sorry folks, but i can almost guarantee it wont be up before i'm on my way to work tomorrow. Way to much stuff going on in RL right now. But I promise to have something up by thurs morning, so check in then. I have the script done, just got to put pictures to words. Cya soon.

Oh, and <3 Fargo of Flintlocke fame. As I hoped, really cool guy. He said nice things in the comments about the flintlocke comic. Thanks Fargo!


Cru said...

This is a great WoW comic I've only stumbled across by accident. I heard of Flintlocke's comeback and in the process of google searching it I found my way here. I'm thinking about setting up my own site-within-a-site page where I can fit more content outside of my own comic on it including a list of recommended comics, my own musings and other such miscellaneous material and I'll add this comic to the list when it's set up.

Dalnal said...

I found this comic thanks to Cru's page. Fav'd it. :) Hope to see more.

Cru said...

Aye, I got around to creating my blog page The Inner Sanctum and have Disgraph's listed under my recommended comics now.