Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He's doing it again...

Comic will come Friday. I had an idea for a script but when I wrote it out, I wasn't happy with it. I'll have it up on Friday.

And I'm getting sick of this late update thing too. I'll be taking this weekend to write and out and do a lot of preemptive work on some future comics. Hopefully with a working model viewer if all goes according to plan.... GG free university laptop rentals.

UPDATE: The art for this comic is just not working out in a way I find acceptable. To be blunt, it looks like shit and I don't feel comfortable posting it. I feel bad because the site just went up with ads this week, and I feel like to justify a sell out like that, you should be getting a comic every week. But the fact of the matter is, this comic is below the quality I'm willing to post here.

Check back next week. Gonna work this weekend to build up a stock of comics instead of doing it week by week.

1 comment:

Brennuvarg said...

I still love you tho, and the true sellout would be to post something below your standard, just for the sake of it.