Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time to dust off the website

Just a quick announcement to anyone who may still follow this site (lack of updates...) that Disgraph will be returning this Wed with new comics.

If you follow the blog at all, you'll notice the reason I haven't been updating is simple. When the pre-Wrath patch dropped, it borked my model viewer something fierce. For the record, I use the Model Viewer for Mac and run an old g5 iMac, so the working Windows version isn't really an option to me at the moment. So after struggling with ways to get the WMV back, I've given up on that for now.

In the mean time I'll be posting some filler work with screen from in game (shudder). Why didn't I do that sooner? Well....I really didnt want to lower myself to that point. I at least wanted some work to go into the strip artistically, even if was just some slightly more elaborate photoshopping.

But for now, that will be a stopgap until I can get things back on track. Did someone mention hand drawn....well....we'll see....

Check back Wednesday!


Miss said...

Do you by chance have a link to where I can nab that modelviewer for Mac? I've missed it ever since I went from my Windows laptop to my shiny iMac.

Splat said...

Don't bother, Wrath broke it and no one who has the skill to fix it has done anything with the app in months.

(I miss it too.)

Disgraph said...

Yeah, the model viewer for mac is beyond broken. If your running a new imac though with intel chips, you should be able to dual boot windows using Boot Camp and use the windows version of WMV.

I mean its windows, but at least it works. /shudder to saying that