Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Episode 25: The Lovable Captain Scraps

And we are back to our normal schedule of hilarity and nonsense. My writer's motivation is back and ready to roll. I actually had a few other scripts written, but I was so motivated I said screw you to those scripts and wrote a new one. I've been wanting to something with hunter pets for a while but simply havent come up with a good story six panels long. I liked the idea of Disgraph having to do real life pet care on his own pets, so I decided to just roll with that. And hilarity ensues.

Let's see, where does the inspiration come from here. Probably part my own dog, a bit from Christmas Vacation, and a bit from this clip of Aquateen Hunger Force. Warning, it is Aquateen, so the link may be offensive to some people. I find the episode hilarious, if not more than a bit disturbing. But I try not to borrow too much from other sources. Even if part of me wants to make a running gag out of Donkers and Cpt. Scraps special relationship.

Well, until next week, I'll be floating along some Black Water. <3 the Doobie Brothers