Thursday, July 17, 2008

Episode 23: WoW TV

Howdy folks. First things first. Sorry for the late upload. There was just no way I was gonna get this comic up on Wed. Just too much going on for me right now. Had a nice long 13 hour day on Tues when I normally sit down and do my comic work and just didn't have the time before work yesterday to finish. But hey, its up and you got a bit of filler "art" yesterday.

I was actually rather amused by the little delay announcement. You might be surprised/saddened by the amount of time I spend laughing at my own comics sometimes. But come on, rocket bears are pretty funny, in an absurd kinda way. I think one would be enough to scare Stephen Colbert anyway. . I had originally intended to use that one piece for a placeholder every time I was late in putting up a comic, but they are so easy to make, I'm just gonna make a nice reserve stash for whenever I need one. Give you folks something new and amusing each time I mess up the updates. Plus, its an excuse for me to leave it one the site.

So as for the comic, just a little parody of that show Punk'd. I'm sure people will be quick to draw comparisons between and the family guy clip, "Kicked in the Nuts". Well, I did anyway. For the record, its a parody of Punk'd, not Family Guy. I actually came up with the idea in game. Want a fun time? If you have a hunter, go down to tanaris and plant a snake trap in front of Horde flight master. When the unsuspecting hordeling lands, BOOM, Snake Trapped in the face! Its amusing to watch that brief wtf moment. Give it a try. Doesn't aggro guards either.

Well, off to do things. Maybe get a head start on next week's comic while I'm in "work" mode. So stop by next week when this comic hits Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Around the World

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