Saturday, June 7, 2008

Episode 18: Limbo Time

There we go. A tad on the late side, by about three days, but its up. Yeah yeah, I know. I'm sorry. There were a couple issues with getting it up on Wed and as the week went on I kept running out of time. Now don't get me wrong, I like this comic, but I did take a couple short not really using backgrounds. I didn't really have the time/feel like making a normal one. I know, I'm a bum. But I am working to rectify this. I ended up writing like three other scripts that I rejected on the basis that they would take too much time. Its hard to find time to make comics when your girlfriend comes over and steals your machine to play WoW...

Anyway, I'm gonna slink off to my corner now, but I leave you with some inspiration.

1 comment:

batgrl said...

This totally reminds me of the time that I was quietly slaughtering turtles and then this shark decided to bug out and chase me:
But of course your version it much better looking. Actually I think more landsharks would make the game a bit more amusing. Or just keep us on our toes.